Mitered Border-6


Start with the completed Block, 18" actual size with a 16" finished size ( this makes a 1" seam allowance around all sides). You will need to adjust the dimentions if your block is any different size.


FROM THE BACKSIDE, mark with pins where the 4 finished corners will be (a square 16" wide and 16" high). Also mark the half-way point between the corners ( the center of the 4 sides).


Assemble the 4 border sides. Press the strips open with the center seam pressed towards the top part ( the 2 1/2 " section).


Fold the strips in half and place a pin into the fold of the bottom section ( the section that will go against the completed block) to mark the center of the border side piece.


Place a ruler with the 8" mark beside the pin in the center fold. Then place a pin at the beginning of the ruler and another at the 16" mark.


Mark the seam line from the top of the inside section ( the part to be sewn against the edge of the completed block). I marked my seamline with pins but you can mark it with pencil or however you prefer.


Do this across the side strip between the corner points. Do this to all 4 pieces.


Take the left-hand corner pin in the border side strip and place it ( right sides together - this is why you mark the pins in the BACKSIDE of the completed block ) EXACTLY into the same hole as the pin marking the corner point of the block.


Remove the pin from the block corner and securely push the border side pin through both layers of fabric.


Do the same thing to the right corner side of the pieces.


And the same thing to the center pin marks of both pieces.


Secure the corner pins by KEEPING the pins in the corner points and pushing them up and out the fabric layers to secure. Do the same with the center pin. Pin the rest of the fabric between the corner and center pin , maintaining the seamline you have already marked.



Place the sewing machine needle EXACTLY into the corner point pin hole, and following the seamline, stitch the seam up to the end corner point pin.


To end - Place the sewing machine needle EXACTLY into the corner point pin hole, backstitch a couple of stitches and remove fabric from sewing machine.


Fold the extra corner fabric back from the block corner so the tiny corner stitch in each corner is visable. Pin the corners down.


Starting with Instruction 7 on this page and ending with Instruction 14, complete the side opposite the first side you finished.


You are now ready to assemble one of the border pieces to a side that is between the 2 sides already sewn down.


Starting with the left corner point pin on the border piece ( the top white partially covered pin in this picture ) stick this pin EXACTLY into the tiny corner stitch of the pinned back top border piece ( pinned back with red pin ). You can see where the top white pin is stuck into the tiny stitch at the corner of the other border piece.


Do the same thing on the other corner. The border right hand corner point pin is pink, the pinned down border part has the gold pin. The pink pin is going EXACTLY into the tiny corner stitch of the comlpeted other side.


Do the same thing with the center pin, placing the border pin EXACTLY into the pin on the block side center.


Following Instruction 11 on this page and ending with Instruction 13, complete this border side.


The flip side of the block will look like this. By sewing EXACTLY in the pin holes, the corners are almost perfect!


Repeat Instruction 11 ending with Instruction 20. Fold the extra corner fabric back from the block corners and pin them down. The block will look like this.


Unpin all the pins. You are going to make the mitered corners now.

Holding the block in one of the corner points ( the white tip between the right-side exposed fabric, match up the sewn edges (the yellow pin at the top left of this photo is on the sewn edge) and pin together with a single pin. smooth out the block up to the corner point. The right-side fabric in this photo is the miter edge that needs to be matched up before sewn.


Place the short edge of the ruler on the sewn edge and the right-hand corner of the ruler on the corner point stitch. Match up the seams that meet in the corner of the miter ( where red pins are).

Mark ( with yellow pin here ) the edge where the ruler falls. Measure from the corner point stitch to the bottom edge ( this is 3" on this photo)


Measure from Yellow pin mark to edge of border fabric ( 3 1/8" in this photo ) Mark to the same measurement as the yellow pin measurement in previous Instruction. ( 3" )


Mark from corner point stitch to edge of border fabric at corrected fabric width.



Place sewing machine needle EXACTLY in the corner point stitch and sew to the outside edge.


The block will look like this.


Remove the pins and mark a seam allowance line. Cut the top tip of the corner away.


Open the block and smooth out. Place face down on table. The block will look like this.


Following Instruction 23 ending with Instruction 30 , Make the other 3 miter corners. With the block face down on the table, pin down the sewn edges of the block and border seam. The back side of the block will look like this.


Press the block and the finished block will look like this.

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