Quilt Block-1   'Northern Lights'


These are - the paper pattern (left), the freezer paper background pattern (right), and the freezer paper children pattern pieces (bottom).


These are the fabric pieces used to make the block - The Northern Lights print sky, the snow ground, the blue flowers (for the girl's kuspuk), the monochromatic blue (for the boy's kuspuk), the white fleece (for the ruffs and cuffs),the black leather-look (for the mittens and shoes), and the solid blue (for the boy's pants).


Cut the freezer paper patterns apart. Carefully cut the sleeves-cuffs-mittens sections from the center of the kuspuk patterns. The 2 lines remaining on the girl's kuspuk are to be embroidered.


With a warm, dry (no steam) iron - press the freezer paper patterns onto the FRONT of the fabric pieces, leaving enough room for at least 1/4" seam allowance all the way around every piece (at least 1/2" between every piece). With a washable pencil that will show up on the color fabric you are using, mark the area on the kuspuks in the hole openings for the sleeves-cuffs-mittens so you will know where to sew those pieces onto the kuspuks.


With the right sides together - match up the edges and precise corners of the background pieces. Pin so PAPER edges meet exactly.


Sew just scantly outside the paper edges and press towards the sky section. Mark the outer edges (around the freezer paper) of the background sections.


Place the completed background section over the paper pattern and trace the outlines onto the background section.

(I prefer to pin the background section over the paper pattern, matching the snow-line, hold them against a window and trace the pattern onto the background that way - using tracing pencil colors that show up on the respective fabrics.)


At this point - you can use whatever method you prefer to applique the remaining pieces onto the background section.
(for example: satin stitch, blanket stitch, or blind stitch)

I prefer to stabilize the edges by doing a small 1/8" machine stitch around the outside edge of each piece to be appliqued.
(this stops a lot of the stretching by any cut that ends up on a bias edge and also reinforces any area that needs to be clipped)

The fabric pieces on the left-hand side are shown front side up and the ones on the right-hand side are shown back side up (which shows the stitching around the outside of each piece).


Cut out the pieces leaving AT LEAST 1/4" seam allowance. Clip the curves and inside corners the same as you would with any applique - BEING CAREFUL NOT TO CLIP THROUGH THE MACHINE STITCHING. This stitching will help control the small threads that result from clipping, and makes unraveling less likely.


Embroider the 2 lines on the girl's kuspuk in a zig-zag stitch, with whatever method you prefer. Leave the freezer paper attached to the fabric until step 13.


Stitch the sleeves onto the kuspuk fabric pieces as marked, leaving the bottom edge (where the cuff attaches) raw and unturned.

Stitch the mittens onto the kuspuk, leaving the top edge raw and unturned.

Stitch the cuffs onto the kuspuks, over the raw unturned edges.


stitch the shoes for both children onto the background section, leaving the top edge raw and unturned.

Stitch the pants for the boy over the raw unturned edge of his shoe, leaving the top edge of the pants raw and unturned.


Stitch the kuspuks for both children onto the background section over the raw unturned edge of the pants for the boy and the raw unturned edge of the shoe for the girl, leaving the face edge of the kuspuks raw and unturned.

Stitch the ruffs for both children onto the background section over the raw unturned edge of the kuspuks.

Tear away the freezer paper from the embroidery.

The block is now completed.

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